Legal Services in NSW
Traffic Law
It is possible to lose your licence for a range of traffic offences today. Perhaps you inadvertently missed a speed zone or are contesting a street racing allegation. Chris Kalpage specialises in legal services, and has extensive experience defending the following matters:
Dangerous Driving/Neglegent Driving
Cause Death
Cause Grevious Bodily Harm (GBH)
Drive Manner Dangerous/Speed Dangerous
Drink Driving
Low Range
Mid Range
High Range
Novice Range
Special Range
Driving Under the influence of drugs/alcohol
RTA Licence appeals
Excess Speed Suspensions
Excess Point Suspensions
Habitual Offender Suspension/Decleration
Radar/Lidar Speed Matters
Speed Camera Matters
Speeds Based on Police Estimates & Check Speeds
Street Racing/Burnout Offences
Driving While Disqualified/Suspended/Unlicensed
All Offences Relating to the Operation & Driving of Heavy Vehicles including Mass Breaches & Logbook Infringements
Traffic offences of a more serious nature that fall under the Criminal Code, such as Drive Manner Dangerous.
Criminal Law
Being charged with a criminal offence can be a frightening experience. You want to choose a criminal lawyer who can offer personalised legal aid and can achieve results. Chris Kalpage specialises in the following areas of criminal law:
Drug offences
Drink/ Drug Driving
Murder, Manslaughter
Theft and Larceny
Employment Law
Employment problems can be devastating. So when something goes wrong at work you need an expert employment law solicitor to provide legal advice and resolve the situation. Chris Kalpage has extensive experience in the following areas of employment law:
Contracts of Employment
Discrimination in the Workplace
Occupational Health and Safety
Sexual Harassment
Unfair Dismissal
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