Mandatory Interlock System – Driving Offences

Commencing from 1 February 2015 there were amendments made to the act which replaced the discretionary interlock program with a mandatory one and applies to all drink driving offences committed after 1 February 2015.

Under the new scheme those on the program will be expected to have a zero (0) blood alcohol level while driving (previously .02)


All High Range PCA,
Refuse or fail to provide breath analysis or fail to provide blood sample.
Any second or subsequent offence of Novice PCA, Special PCA, Low Range PCA, Mid Range PCA, and Drive Under the Influence ( DUI ).



It is only a second offence if convicted within a five year period. The five years is calculated from date of conviction to date of conviction.

The periods of disqualification under the scheme are set out in s 211 ROAD TRANSPORT ACT.

It is important to keep in mind that if you are given a mandatory interlock order and do not enter the program or complete the program. You will automatically be disqualified for five years from the date of conviction.

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