Drink Driving Lawyers Sydney

Have you been charged with a drink driving offence or driving under the influence of drugs? Then, you should contact us for the best advice and to minimise the legal problems that can follow. Kalpage and Co Solicitors are an experienced  firm of drink driving lawyers who will help you get the best results. Chris Kalpage has 30 years  experiance in dealing with these matters.
We have attained excellent outcomes for clients. If you want to obtain the best outcomes and avoid or minimise your disqualification period then you should talk to Chris Kalpage. 
We value your time and also in this highly competitive market, give personalized attention to all our clients.

There are different ranges of drink driving offences consisting of High range, Mid range, Low range and Speacial Range. Minimising the penalties are determined by a wide range of considerations, some of these are: 
The PCA reading,
The facts; for example were you pulled over for a Random Breath Test (RBT) or was there something adverse in your driving that brought you to police notice,
Your good character,
Your record,
Things you may have done to mitigate your offence such as; the Traffic Offenders Program (TOP), or in the case of repeat drink driving offenders drug and alcohol counselling, and in extreme cases psychiatric treatment.

You should always bare in mind that anything you say to police when pulled over will be noted in the police fact sheet which the prosecutors will attempt to rely on when you go to court.

Section 10 No convictions

We have successfully achieved “section 10” no conviction for clients who are charged with drink driving. This means that the offence is proven but the court does not proceed  to conviction and as a result you will not be disqualified or fined. Courts are reluctant to deal with drink driving matters pursuant to section 10 espeacially as a result of the guideline judgement and community expectations towards issues of road safety. For this reason we believe that meticulous preparation is the only manner in which to make a serious submission and succeed in the court exercising its discretion under section 10. 
When charged with any driving or criminal offence you can experiance significant trauma. For many people this is their first experience with the criminal justice system and courts. We will provide you with all the assistance and personal service you need to make it as stress free as possible. You will always deal with Chris Kalpage and not some junior lawyer.
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