Criminal Lawyer Sydney

Prosecutors are generally well resourced and organized.  Kalpage & Co. Solicitors are ready to take up challenges that come their way and  are experienced enough to handle any criminal case. We have the ability to handle a diverse clientele. Our main objective is to assist our clients in defending the charges that they face with skill, precision and most importantly an understanding of the stress that they are under.
We have the necessary skills and expertise to handle the following:
AVO Domestic Violence Matters
Robbery which includes complex and armed robbery offences
Firearms offences
Large scale commercial drug supply
Cultivation of prohibited plants
Drug Possession
Sexual and indecent assaults
White collar crime, money laundering

The NSW police as well as other law enforcement agencies have significant resources and are proficient at collecting evidence that supports their prosecution case. This is the reason why you should enlist the services of an experienced criminal lawyer at the earliest opportunity to begin to formulate your defense.

Our main aim is to offer our clients top quality legal advice and also give them the personal attention they deserve.  Kalpage & Co. Solicitors are available for urgent bail applications that may also include weekend bail applications.
If arrested, we recommend you consider the following:
Your right to silence,
Should you participate in an interview,
Should you make or sign any statement,
Should you participate in any forensic procedure,
As people are arrested at all hours Chris Kalpage is available 24 hours a day and is often contacted by people when under arrest from the police station or the side of the road to give advice or attend the police station.

If you are arrested or charged with an offence, contact Chris Kalpage, the head solicitor of Kalpage & Co Solicitors, 24/7, rather than facing worry and uncertainty on your own. For more details, call us (02) 9230 0448 / 0418 211 074 or email:

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